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What is Your Internal Representation Made Of

How do we re-present things in our mind? We do so primarily by seeing pictures (Visual), playing sounds (auditory) talking to ourselves through an internal voice (auditory digital).

Have you ever wondered how some people can jump out of bed feeling excited and energized every morning?

One thing is for certain, they run a very different program in their minds.

In other words, their internal re-presentation is completely different.

The moment the alarm rings, a loud enthusiastic voice goes, ‘Wow! It’s morning. Time to get up! There are so many things to do!’

Seeing in their mind a picture of them self feeling good about the exciting endeavours they are to complete for the day, instantly they jump out of bed, energized and ready.

For another person, when the alarm clock rings in the morning, an internal voice is fired off, automatically going, “What time is it?” “Why must I wake up so early?” How much longer can I sleep? “Give me five more minutes.”

Picturing in their minds the people and things of their dislike, they enter a state of lethargy causing them to turn over and go back to sleep.

Being late for work….they start and stay in a frantic state for the entire day!

What mental program are you playing daily?

How do you habitually re-present things in your mind? If you have been playing a destructive program, you must begin to change it immediately.

Whatever we picture in our minds, the sounds we play, and what we say to ourselves affects the states we are in.

Some people have a pattern of constantly re-presenting things in such a way that makes them feel depressed. Others do the opposite.

For some people, the moment they experience a setback, they will create all the worst pictures & sounds in their mind! They will keep re-playing the internal movie of themselves failing and even picture themselves screwing up all future attempts.

They have an internal voice that goes, ‘why does this happen to me?’ ‘I always screw up!’ By re-presenting the experience this way, you put yourself in the worst possible state! You will probably feel frustrated, overwhelmed and scared that you will stop taking action.

The moment you start consciously directing the pictures and words in your head, you start getting control over your emotions and actions!

Instead of painting a scene of doom and gloom like most people do after experiencing a set-back, a temporary defeat, successful individuals picture all the possibilities of turning the situation around.

Picturing their final, successful outcome, they say to themselves, “What can I learn from this set-back?” How can I turn this around?’

Constantly being in a state of confidence and motivation, such individuals keep taking action until their desired final outcomes are met

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