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10 Of My Own Quotable Quotes – Part 33

1. You can only be considered faithful when you have had all the opportunity for mischief and yet remained true to your word. Some desire to be classified among the faithful one yet they were denied or lacked opportunity to this otherwise.

2. Sometimes it is hard to realize your own potential until the right amount of stress and pressure is imposed on you. A rubber band remains a piece of rubber material until stretching starts. Only then is the true reason for existence realized and value is realized by the stretcher.

3. One who always acts on plans done by others remains just a useful resource. The one who plans what others act on is a crucial asset. No matter how crucial you can be, you however remain subject to the one who owns the idea.

4. It is a given that a human being is an emotional being. There is a tendency when one is going through the most low and discouraging moments that one may choose to share the ownership of their own emotions by recruiting sympathizers. Maturity has it that one should own their own disappointments and learn to live above them.

5. No matter what you will face in life, your comfort should be centered on the fact that no one is capable of taking away the knowledge, experiences and exposures you have had. Everything else associated with you can be taken away but your mental abilities and information processing system will never be subject foreign abuse.

6. Guard your life with all you have, protect what your mind receives by assessing it in advance. It is easy to become used to receiving and storing information that will never benefit you in life in the name of passing time. What you let into you is what defines your lifestyle and life patterns.

7. Salt has wonderful properties which include that of being a preservative and one that brings out the wonderful taste of what you are eating. Salt can never be effective when kept in the shelf. When it comes out of confinement and enters a realm where it permeates the available foods, then its purpose is achieved.

8. What you practice becomes a part of your life. Hearing alone will never create a new you. If you have a habit of never practicing what you have learnt, time will pass you by and stagnation becomes your norm.

9. It is mandatory not optional for any business or society to create a deliberate plan to develop leaders. Failure to do so will show in the poor quality of decisions and lack of momentum in the business.

10. You must be willing to accept and follow the precedence you may be setting for others. Subordinates naturally mimic what the leader does. It is not fair that you may struggle with a standard you have set and yet you punish or judge people harshly for not meeting the standard.

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